Okay, I swear I have something really deep and profound to put here. But it’s only percolating.

And I don’t believe I was invited in for percolations. So let me let you all in on a little secret.

In a different life, if the cards had fallen some other weird way, I would have been a musician. But they didn’t fall that way so all I can do is oooh and ahh whenever I see interesting musical thingums.

so pritty

so pritty

That right there is an Eigenharp. I do not have the words to explain its majesty, so I’ll just let this link and its youtube clippery do the ‘splainin. Basically, it’s a full-on synth/sequencer/amazingizer that would have all and sundry clutching at their faces to keep them from melting off OR falling right down into the most peaceful and lurvely slumber as I mess around with drones and loops. That last sentence takes place in the world where I was a musician.

In this world, I have to watch the videos and be content in the knowledge that the device will cost a great deal more than I could ever justify. As it should. Because if it were affordable for me, I would bring it home, talk a great deal about how awesome it is, fiddle with it for a few evenings, and then let it rest in its case. Others would call it a waste, but I would have a smile in the corner of my heart.

When you have Excalibur, you do not use it to chop kindling or carve turkeys. You keep it safe and know that when it is time to smite evil or caress divinity, it is there.