Here is a sketch of a thing. I don’t see fleshing it out into anything, but it’s helpful to me to mess with an idea and see where it goes.

Today I was thinking about acrobatic bicyclists. Because you know, that’s the sort of thing must cross everyone’s mind at least once a day. Right?

Thought so.

Looking at pictures of them, I just don’t get it. Imagine seeing something like that going down the street. Hell, I wasn’t even thinking of that many. I was just thinking of like one person pedaling with like two or three people balancing on top. There’s an intrinsic drama there. How long can they ride that way? Who thought it would be a good idea? What goes through their minds as they go on their ride? Does it seem dangerous? One false move and the whole thing goes down in pain. But the danger must make it at least a little fun. There is a certain risk, but they put the fear out of their minds and go for it. And their reward?

I don’t know.

It isn’t an efficient mode of transportation. An itchy nose and everyone might just wish they had walked.

I guess.

Maybe the fear of getting hurt doesn’t stop them.

Maybe whatever it is that gets them up on that bike, maybe that thing is better than the chance that if the whole thing doesn’t come off as planned… well, a person could get hurt pretty badly. A few people could get hurt pretty badly. But that rush that comes when you say to hell with reason and you get up there and everyone is looking at you and the inevitable hasn’t happened yet? It’s got to feel great.

Just don’t be surprised when you hit a bump and it all comes crashing down, crazy bicycle people.