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sketch book 02 (Ruby Wakes Up)

There is the sleep time in the dark. In the sleep time in the dark the tall up walkers go to their den. I sleep in my bed and Nodorastop sleeps on hers. We sleep and it is dark. If I am thirsty I get up and have water, but not food. The tall up walkers do not leave food for all through the night. They do not want us to have food for all of the night. Food is good and the not food feeling is not good. It is important to eat food whenever you can because the others might come at any time and they will eat all of the food and drink all of the water. I have not seen this happen, but I know it in my bones- some day when I let my guard down the others will come and they will eat all of the food and then the not food feeling will never ever stop.

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Could obsession by any other name smell as sweet?

It’s genuinely easy to look upon others with a sense of superiority, or at least a saccharine pity, when the subject of addiction is broached. We all have the black sheep in the family (and for some of us it’s the whole family), that has a drug or alcohol addiction, allowing it to ruin every thing that did or could make that person great. There are few things in life akin to the sorrow of disappointment in others with potential.

I dare say that these obsessions, these addictions, are just easy pickin’s. I for example drink very little. I do not smoke, nor do I engage in illicit substances abusively or recreationally, yet I am prone to my own obsession that both rob me of the life I could lead and the concentration, at times, even to dream.

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I need your help.

As I start to type this, Google offers about 1,540 results for the query “base unit of attention”.

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