There is the sleep time in the dark. In the sleep time in the dark the tall up walkers go to their den. I sleep in my bed and Nodorastop sleeps on hers. We sleep and it is dark. If I am thirsty I get up and have water, but not food. The tall up walkers do not leave food for all through the night. They do not want us to have food for all of the night. Food is good and the not food feeling is not good. It is important to eat food whenever you can because the others might come at any time and they will eat all of the food and drink all of the water. I have not seen this happen, but I know it in my bones- some day when I let my guard down the others will come and they will eat all of the food and then the not food feeling will never ever stop.

Most days the big tall up walker comes from their den. I hear him get up and he goes in the grass inside and marks his spot and makes it go away. Why do the tall up walkers make their mark go away? Sometimes you have to get the spray out because there is too much inside, but even then it is good to find a good place for it so everyone can know you were there. They do such strange things. He marks the spot and makes it go away and then he walks by me and Nodorastop and makes noises where they make the food that is not for us. They make so many foods that we do not eat and the foods smell good. They smell good and we do not eat the food. The up walkers eat the food. Now he is not making food he is making the water with the smell. He always makes the water with the smell in the dark before the light. He wakes up and makes the water with the smell. He gives us more water and gives us the food.

The food! The food! What is the food what kind of food is it what what food food my food it is time to eat the food.

Oh, it is the same food. Again.

But the others may come so I will eat this quickly.

She isn't always this sad, it's just a fun exercise to write this way.

Now we must go outside and it is good because the spray is very full in me and it is time to make my mark. Nodorastop runs to him by the door because she thinks that whoever is first will win. She is not smart. Whoever gets to the opening first just has to sit there longer. While he puts the bind on Nodorastop I grab another bite of food. I don’t have all the teeth I used to, so it takes me longer to eat. If I get a chance to catch a mouthful without Nodorastop or the others nearby to take the food I will eat it. I start to walk to the open where they wait and I see that he has a bind for me too. I hate the bind. I can walk by myself and I know where to go and I will not run around but I still have to wear the bind. It does not hurt but I do not like to wear it. I let him put the bind on me but just to make sure I go out the opening first. I go out first because I am brave and fast. I am good and boss and I go out first. He can not stop me because he is not as fast or good. He tries to act mad because I was first but that is too bad. I was first.

We are walking in the tunnel with the sounds all around. I do not walk fast or slow because of the bind. If one of us tries to go to fast then he makes the bind pull and that is not good. But I walk in the right place and right now Nodorastop walks in the right place and the feel of the pack is on us. We walk in a pack and a pack is good because nothing can stop a pack. A pack moves together and when you are in a pack you are good and right. We walk in a pack all the way to outside.

When we get to outside I see the place to put my mark. I try to run but the bind. The bind is bad. The bind is more bad than all of the not food feelings because he does not know where to put a mark. Last night the mark was so close but he did not let me go all the way to it. I had to wait for Nodorastop to make her mark and then I put my mark on top of it. That is more good than to make your mark go away like the tall up walkers do.

blahblahblah we’ll pick this up later