I know a guy who’s managed to land a date with a woman of legendary beauty. I haven’t even seen a picture of her and I know she is beautiful because you can see it in his eyes when he talks about her. It’s also pretty obvious because he’s fretting about what kind of tunes he should have available when he brings her into his place.

From the outside this is hilarious because if you were to meet him you’d never guess this was a concern. He’s everything a version of me would have wanted to grow up to be- funny, a good story teller, easy going, musically gifted, nonchalant, a bit of a rock gawd but not too much when he’s not on stage. Basically this guy is the sort that you see in a bar and figure the toughest decision he’s facing for the night is just how many ladies he can take home without seeming greedy. So like I said, it’s pretty funny to see him get that far away look in his eyes and ask for ideas of what the right tunes are. I figured all the music he needed was a simple snap of his fingers followed by a finger pointing to his car.

I suppose even if you’re good lookin’ it’s not always that easy.

So what follows here is the result of Miss J going through our music library and pointing out the sexy.

Kate Bush- Sensual World

If you ask J for five songs united by just about any theme you’re bound to get some Kate Bush in there. Part of this is because Kate Bush is that band to J. You know, the one you heard that really pricked your ears up and made you pay attention to the music you were listening to. Part of it’s because Ms. Bush is so damned versatile. Lady’s all over the place.

Curve- Unreadable Communication

There was a time when I would have sworn that headphones were invented for this song. I was still a virgin then, so I didn’t know what this song was really for.

Piano Magic- Saint Marie

She seems pretty sure about this. Might have to try it out… later. Winkwinknudgenudge.

Goldfrapp- Lovely Head

That voice!

Richard Hawley- Run for Me

This man has such a smooth voice. He could sing a lady into making out even if they were someplace not sexy like an accountant’s office or something.

Roxy Music- More Than This

I think my “falling in love with Roxy Music” window opened and closed while I was listening to something else. That’s why I didn’t get the karaoke scene in Lost in Translation. Still, it’s a nice little song.

Tear Garden- In Search of My Rose

Maybe a little dark? Maybe not. Came from my half of the collection, but she’s the one that chose it. “It is sexy.”

Angelo Badalamenti- Pink Room

Grind like this.