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sketch book 02 (Ruby Wakes Up)

There is the sleep time in the dark. In the sleep time in the dark the tall up walkers go to their den. I sleep in my bed and Nodorastop sleeps on hers. We sleep and it is dark. If I am thirsty I get up and have water, but not food. The tall up walkers do not leave food for all through the night. They do not want us to have food for all of the night. Food is good and the not food feeling is not good. It is important to eat food whenever you can because the others might come at any time and they will eat all of the food and drink all of the water. I have not seen this happen, but I know it in my bones- some day when I let my guard down the others will come and they will eat all of the food and then the not food feeling will never ever stop.

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(The Ice-Cream Story)

One night (I was living in Montucky at the time) I decided I would like a root beer float. Living alone at the time, I had to arrange the thing myself. Being too lazy to drive to the store at the time, I had to procure the ingredients from the gas station a block from my apartment. To wit: ice-cream (vanilla) and root beer (pref. Barq’s Famous Old Tyme).

I found the Barq’s straight away and then headed for the frozen goods bin. Lo and behold, there were several flavors of ice-cream… but no vanilla. This presented complications. Childhood experiments had taught me that chocolate was no good for floats so I extended that result to mint chocolate chip and strawberry and whatever the hell else was in there. Neapolitan was present, but I had no interest in all the trouble involved in gutting the vanilla out. Besides, those childhood gustatory experiments had also revealed that while neapolitan can be something of a treat, its component parts- the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla- were never best in class.  So I was kind of stuck, faced with a deep yearning for a root beer float and only having half the ingredients on hand. That’s when I spotted the fix.

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I’m Looking Into It

I guess I first noticed the rash a few weeks ago.

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Let’s try this again.

I believe the matter is now laid to rest.

Now if you’ve got a few minutes, I’d like to relate how we got to this point.

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